How to choose a Realtor when selling your home?

By Davidde Giordano

When selling your home, choosing the right Realtor can make a huge difference between success and failure.  Here are some tips on what to look for with your agent.

Real estate agent present project on miniature house to a young couple

Interview at least 2-3 agents– My fellow agents would KILL me for saying this but this article is for YOU, not them.  There are lots of agents or brokers out there and if I were selling my home I would interview 2-3 of them.  Not every agent has similar knowledge and skills to give you a seamless process.   Also, from listing to closing usually takes a few months so be sure you’ll enjoy interacting with them daily/weekly.   Lastly, their attire, past experience, knowledge and even punctuality should be impressive.

Recent Listing Experience The responsibilities of a listing agent are much different than that of a buyer’s agent.  Make sure your chosen agent is 100% full time and actively involved in listing homes, not just working with buyers. 

Excellent marketing skillsThe agent of your choice must be able to portray your home in the best light on several different marketing avenues.   They should be working with skilled professional photographers who know how to get the best angle of your home.  They should also utilize colorful brochures, online websites, open houses, email databases, word of mouth….. and the list goes on.

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Amount of sales- Ask about the number AND amount of sales for the previous years.  One sale of $5m is great but probably better to look for an agent who does numerous deals a month at or above your home’s price range.  Such agents know how to handle the several different hurdles with each transaction which will save you time and money.

Internet presence- Internet sites can be a great help to show how active your agent is online.  Check that they have accounts on major real estate channels such as Trulia, Zillow, and Try to look for their profile, photo and customer reviews.  These are the websites your home will be advertised on so your agent should be active on all these sites.   Also see if they respond to buyer’s questions and have their own personal website.

 I hope this helps you to guide and narrow down your options and find the right realtor who can bring you the highest price possible for your home.